Frequently asked questions about colds and the flu

Frequently asked questions about colds and the flu
Here are the solutions to six generally requested questions on colds and the flu.

Q. When ought to I stay domestic from paintings or keep my infant home from college?

A. Use your judgment to determine while you are feeling too sick to visit work or when your toddler is feeling too ill to head to school. It is crucial to live home while you are most contagious. For colds, you are contagious the entire time you have got signs, but you are maximum contagious proper after you agreement the viral contamination, earlier than you actually have signs. For the flu, adults are maximum infectious from the day before symptoms start till approximately the fifth day of signs.

Q. When have to I see my doctor?

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A. If you enjoy any of the common flu signs and symptoms or if your signs and symptoms do now not depart as quickly as you will assume, see your doctor.

Q. How can I keep away from passing my cold or flu directly to my circle of relatives?

A. There are many steps you can take to attempt to keep away from spreading germs to the human beings around you. Always cowl your mouth and nose whilst you sneeze or cough, either with a tissue or through coughing or sneezing into your elbow. Throw used tissues away at once, ideally into a bathroom in which they can be flushed away with out anybody else touching them. Wash your arms regularly,

specifically once you sneeze, cough, or touch your eyes, nose, or mouth. Keep your distance from others—don’t kiss, hug, or stand so near a person that saliva might get on them whilst you speak. Make certain someone is disinfecting household surfaces and objects often, consisting of kid’s toys.

Q. Why do colds and the flu increase within the winter?

A. Cold climate itself does no longer reason colds, but humans are more likely to live indoors and spread cold germs to each other whilst it is bloodless outside. There is emerging evidence that influenza spreads maximum efficaciously at low temperatures and in low humidity, which may also explain why instances of the flu increase a lot inside the winter.

Q. Is there any reality to the antique saying “Feed a cold; starve a fever”?

A. No. When you have got a cold or the flu, you should be sure to eat healthy meals and drink lots of fluids, however there may be no want to eat more or less than normal.

Q. Is it ok to get a flu shot after I have a chilly?

A. Yes, you can get vaccinated when you have a chilly so long as you aren’t feeling very sick and do not have a fever.

To examine more approximately colds, flus and related ailments in addition to the pleasant approaches to save you them, purchase the Harvard Medical School Guide: Cold and Flu.

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