Brain Plus IQ CNN? 3 Reasons Not to Buy Brain Plus IQ

So there’s been a famous trend currently going across the internet. It’s called Brain Plus IQ. Now you could have visible Brain Plus IQ on CNN, or another credible website online inclusive of Forbes, and are searching for a touch more data earlier than creating a purchase. Maybe you just need to peer if the claims of “Viagra for the brain” are absolutely genuine.

So what is Brain Plus IQ?

Brain Plus IQ claims to be an all natural nootropic that can raise memory, cognizance, and awareness. These nootropics are often referred to as “clever pills” and have end up increasingly more famous since the film Limitless changed into released. In the movie, Bradley Cooper stars as a person who is given a pill that lets in him to reach his maximum stages of cognitive function. While there are capsules and supplements that can be able to boom or beautify cognitive characteristic, keep in thoughts Limitless is a film so Bradley’s precise outcomes may be a bit a ways-fetched. The desirable news is that most folks just want a touch increase in our memory and awareness, and that can be manageable.

But first allow’s get again to the topic at hand, cause it’s a very good one….Brain Plus IQ.

Here’s three Reasons You Should be Skeptical of Brain Plus IQ

  1. Shady Marketing

So there you were scrolling thru your Facebook information feed whilst you saw an ad approximately a pill that makes a person cross from homeless to Harvard. Assuming you clicked that ad, you had been maximum probable taken to an internet web page that seems like either Forbes, CNN, or even Discovery. There’s a tale, or “advertorial” approximately a product known as Brain Plus IQ.

I covered a few screenshots so you can see the specific web sites the story changed into on

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