Power Up Male Enhancement Supplement and Cream Review

The site of the product is not only embarrassing but hilariously embarrassing. Though I must admit that product is not so hopeless! I have been using this supplement since last two months and the results are good enough!

Let me brief you about the product.

Power Up is a male enhancement supplement which is in pills form. Also you get a cream solution to apply topically on your penis as a bonus gift with your trial. The product is making buzz in the market for the great reviews and positive customer responses. Also the 3 month trial offer is obviously going to lure the customers.

As a plus point, the effectiveness of the products is studied on real people and 90% of the volunteers are satisfied with the results they got

About Size Increase and Hardness!

The first thing is I don’t know if it helps you increase inches to your penis size because mine is stretched out as much as it could, since I am heavily into supplements since long enough. So that department, I may not be a good source to judge. But the supplement-

  1. It makes you hard for pretty long.
  2. The supplement does help your penis strength to keep you and lady pleased!
  3. Power Up male enhancement supplement is good as it does help with controlling ejaculations and increasing erections quality and stamina.

Benefits of Power Up!

I can vouch these-

  1. Great erection quality
  2. Stronger and harder willie at the right time!
  3. No premature ejaculations and subsequent embarrassment
  4. Promises long lasting and sustainable performance

What makes Power Up a Guy Friendly Thing?

  • It has effective ingredients
  • You can use it without a prescriptions
  • Noticeably increases your sexual abilities
  • The supplement is safe and has no side effects
  • The company is offering a discreet priority mail shipping
  • You can check out if the product helps you through trial offer

Is this Male Enhancement Supplement safe to use?

The manufacturers of the supplement claim that you can use it even if you have conditions like high BP, cholesterol and even heart diseases. However, I would advise you to practice caution before passion!

Though it is not a prescription supplement, but do check all the ingredients to rule out any allergic reaction.

Where to Buy this Male Enhancement Supplement from?

Trial offer is available at the company website of Power Up. I have hyper linked all the images in this page. Click on it and get redirected to the homepage and claim your pack online.

Is Xtreme Nitro A Scam Or Safe?

I needed to push myself to the extreme end. Gaining hard muscles and getting ripped was my only unachievable target by now. I have been following rigorous strength training in gym since past few years to achieve my target but, I guess that was not just enough. Something extra was required to it. I was able to realize this fact when I was introduced to Xtreme Nitro by my friend. This additional effort not only encouraged my strength but, it also helped in supporting my testosterone levels. The fruity smell and easy to use capsule formula pushed me more towards its use. Here’s how it helped in bringing out the male within me..

More about this Formulaxtreme nitro

Labeled with many attractive features and benefits, Xtreme Nitro is termed as an advanced bodybuilding agent. This formula promises to provide:

  • Rapid Fat Loss
  • Boosted Pumps
  • Raging Energy
  • Maximized Libido
  • Insane Strength

This is a natural formula which is formulated to provide quick recovery for your muscles. It is a well known formula which is designed for the development of your ripped muscles and ripped physique. For me, it worked as an effective additional formula along with my workout routines. This formula provided me with increased energy levels so that I can continue my workouts without any feeling of fatigue. The list of its benefits does not end here only but, it contains much more to it. This revolutionary formula is developed with the additional abilities of reducing your excess body fat thus, providing you with lean body shape and also assists in boosting your sexual stamina. This formula serves as a perfect key for unlocking your required strength and stamina. The natural quality, effective results, quick recovery and overall health benefit of this formula is what makes it best among other muscle building supplements.

Formula’s Secret Of Success

The credit for taking this formula to the heights of success goes purely to its natural ingredients. The elements involved in this natural formula are chosen after deep research and experiments. This formula is developed under the guidance of many professional doctors and well known health experts and this quality made me lay complete trust on this supplement. As the name suggests, Xtreme Nitro is a nitric oxide boosting formula which further contains the use of Arginine, L Carnitine, Chromium, Green Tea, Yohimibine Bark Extract and Vitamin B-3, 6 and 12.

Effective Working Pattern Of The Formula

This advanced formula is designed for the purpose of providing you with ripped physique and strong muscles. This formula absorbs deep into your blood vessels thus, more amount of blood flow through your muscles. Xtreme Nitro work towards pulsing more blood to your body during your workouts so that your body can perform better and can recover quickly with the help of increased amount of oxygen in your body. High intensity workouts require more strength and power and this formula assures you with the adequate supply of energy for your hard workouts. Apart from this, it even assists in improving your sexual performance so that you can spice up your sexual life. It work towards providing you with hard rock erections and increased vitality so that you can last for longer hours in bed. Here’s a brief explanation of the functions performed by its natural ingredients:

  • Arginine is a known formula which assists in aiding your protein synthesis and vasodialation thus, providing you with quick recovery and great muscle pumps during your exercise
  • L Carnitine plays the role of amino acid which work towards increasing your body’s metabolism rate thus, burning off your excess body fat and aiding your muscle retention
  • Chromium is an essential mineral which helps in maintaining your overall good health by regulating your insulin levels
  • Green Tea works as a natural source of caffeine which work towards maintaining your high energy levels during your workouts thus, making you feel less fatigue
  • Yohimibine Bark Extract performs the dual functions of acting as an energy booster so that you do not feel low on energy and; regulating your heart rate so that you can perform better during your workouts
  • Vitamin B-3, 6 and 12 helps in ensuring a high level of energy in your body by increasing your body’s metabolism rate

where to buy xtreme nitro

Recommended Dosage

It is important to keep in mind that this supplement must be taken in required quantity only and must be used as per its given directions to avoid the risk of having any unwanted reactions. It is recommended to take Xtreme Nitro on a regular basis so as to gain quick recovery and desired results. It is advised to take 1-2 capsules of this formula during your breakfast and lunch with plenty of water. This will definitely help in power, strength and will also help in providing a drastic increase to your lifts and reps.


  • 100% safe and secure product
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Develops ripped and strong muscles
  • Provides lean body shape
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Increases energy levels
  • Increases your strength and stamina
  • Improves your sexual performance
  • Does not lea to dangerous or negative effects


  • Not meant for the use of under 18
  • Strictly prohibited for women use
  • Not approved by FDA
  • Offers limited supply

Is It Safe To Use?

Yes and you can take my word for it! I have been using this formula for 3 months now and I have faced any of its side effects by now. Xtreme Nitro deals in providing positive and effective results only. It is a natural product which is free from the use of any preservatives or additives hence, it is safe to use. You can completely rely on this product for achieving desired and effective results in a short span of time.

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My Personal Results

In an affordable price, Xtreme Nitro helped in providing me with lean physique, ripped muscles and increased libido. It served as a great formula for my overall god health!

Muscle building - Before its use, my muscles seemed to appear weak with no body mass on it. After using this formula, I have gained a good strength for my muscles and I appear more muscular, more lean and ripped now.

Energy - Believe me, I do not feel fatigue during my workouts now. Earlier, performing any form of exercise seemed as a big burden for me but, now I do not feel low on energy and I am able to perform hard in gym without feeling fatigue.

Sexual Benefits - I have definitely observed tremendous change in my sexual performance. It has provided me with increased libido and hard erections thus, bringing out the real man in me.

I an simply in love with this formula. The only advise I would like to give about this supplement is to maintain your patience during its use and you will definitely gain great results out of it!

Where To Buy?

Interested consumers can avail their pack of Xtreme Nitro easily and directly from its official website by paying an easy price of $79.87 only. You can also claim your 14 days risk free trial pack fro there only. This will help in building your trust upon this formula!

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